SpinOlution Spinning Wheels have been designed and handcrafted in America for over 30 years. These unique spinning wheels offer:

  • Bobbins that can be changed easily with the removable magnetic orifice bar.
  • LARGE Bobbin Options: our biggest bobbin (32 oz) fits the MACH series, Wind, Hopper, and Firefly; also available 64oz for Firefly and Mach III
  • Portability: our King Bee, Queen Bee, Echo, Hopper, and Firefly are all portable.  Our heavier wheels have strap/wheel accessories you can purchase to roll the wheel with you as easily as carry on luggage.
  • Multiple ratios for you to work at your preferred speed, and multiple bearings in the wheel to keep it turning smoothly and easily as you spin.
  • Versatility: upgrade your bobbin and flyers from 4 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz, and 32 oz on most models.
  • Ergonomic design to keep spinning pain-free even after hours of use.
  • Heavy duty construction out of warp resistant furniture-grade birch plywood for generations of dependable use. 
  • Drop spindle with SpinOlution - an awesome experience....


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Spinning Parties!  Interested in learning more about how to spin and Spinolution wheels? Invite any 3-10 adults to your home and I'll bring 2 spinning wheels for all of you to try out and make some yarn for approx 2 hrs. Parties of 8-10 receive a free bottle of Wheels & Wool favorite wine to enjoy too! Fees for parties vary depending on number attending and location.  (example: parties within 30 miles of Somerset NJ, 5-8 people =$40 pp/host is free) . For more information, or to book a party, contact Tara tvl297@gmail.com